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First Visit and Consultation

Consultation and Examination

neck adjustmentDuring your first visit, the Dr. Judd will conduct a full consultation and examination. This is a necessary part of the process so that both your current health and medical history can be evaluated and discussed. Dr. Judd takes time to establish a health baseline with all new patients so that she can monitor your progress during treatment.

Computerized Thermography

This is a neurodiagnostic procedure primarily used by neurologists and upper cervical chiropractors. It is performed by moving a sensitive temperature scanning device along the sides of the spine. Any irritation to the nervous system along the spine will be detected in the temperature differential scans. This procedure is performed at every visit before an adjustment, to determine if an adjustment is needed. This means that Dr. Judd does not perform unnecessary services. A scan is also done afterwards to determine if an adjustment has made a correction to the nervous system, so you always leave the office having had a proper adjustment.


doctor shows patient x-raysIf Dr. Judd finds nervous system irritation during your examination, an accurate determination of the upper cervical vertebrae's position must be made. Dr. Judd analyzes the film of your upper cervical vertebrae, which allows for the most precise adjustment. These services are performed only when clinically necessary to provide the best possible care for all patients.

Precision Adjusting

The uniqueness of the bony anatomy of the upper neck dictates the use of a unique adjustment to correct a misalignment. Specially designed tables are used which help relax the spine when an adjustment is performed. Dr. Judd has several tables that meet the individual needs of each patient, even those patients unable to get into the required position due to their condition. The adjustment itself is done by hand to the upper neck area.

Recovery and Relaxation

In upper cervical chiropractic care, a mandatory recuperation period is important for two reasons. The first is to give the nervous system time to respond so that an accurate post-adjustment thermographic scan can be obtained. The second is to allow the ligaments and muscles holding the vertebrae to begin to stretch and adapt to the change in the bones' position. Following an adjustment, the patient is escorted to our relaxation room and remains there for approximately fifteen minutes before the post-adjustment scan is taken.