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Back Pain Recovery Can Be Slow

They say that time heals all wounds, but your lower back pain might take longer than you thought.

The Web site Science Centric reports that according to recent research in the British Medical Journal, recovery times for such pain have been grossly underestimated.  While the upside is that you’re not alone in your lingering injury, the news is especially dire if the pain is severe enough to have required compensation, which portends for even longer recovery time.

The study, cited by Research Australia and conducted by the George Institute for International Health, belied the conventional wisdom, which assumes that 90% of low back pain incidents resolve in 4-6 weeks regardless of method of treatment.  The research found that approximately a third of patients took longer than a year to heal.

Said Professor Chris Maher of the George Institute, “For many people back pain becomes a long-term problem that severely impacts their life.”  The study will therefore help clinicians reevaluate back pain management, including treatment and compensation recommendations.

Don’t take a chance with your health. Previous studies have shown that chiropractic can help you recover more quickly from an episode of back pain – and prevent future episodes of back pain, as well.